There’s nothing anyone can say about the horrors of what has been revealed in the court case of Kowalski v Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

I live in New Hampshire and I’m seriously shocked at the attitudes and backwoods medicine in Florida. I have CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) with a side of Small Fiber Neuropathy. It happened to me as a result of breast cancer. I have an entire team of providers who all support my treatments and they do include ketamine infusions. I lived locked in a bed for two years before ketamine infusions enabled me to get out.

It’s as if CRPS itself has been put on trial in Florida. I consider myself very lucky to live in New England and be allowed to have proper care. The only place in the world questioning if CRPS is real is the state of Florida. They seem to be more and more on their own little island.

When CRPS spreads having been brought on by an injury (type 2) it can become (type 1) in another area, say the arms. None of which is rocket science actually. It just takes a provider that remembers to look out for rare zebras among the horses in medicine. The FDA gave CRPS orphan disease status to access things like ketamine infusions. They are not experimental but considered off-label. Even though Ketamine is approved by the FDA to treat pain and for sedation. As a matter of fact my Medicare (Dis)Advantage plan just paid for my last infusion. It’s absolutely horrific what hell Maya and her family have been put through and continue to be forced to endure.

Rather than putting CRPS on trial that hospital should be begging for forgiveness and offering a settlement. The fact that they are doing this and going against international medically accepted realities is disgusting.
Also, Ketamine is an approved treatment for pain and for sedation. I was an EMT before breast cancer and an Emergency Department Tech. We gave ketamine on a regular basis to kiddoes who needed bones reset. They recover better from it than propofol. It’s carried on ambulances around the world. It’s used to sedate people every day in hospitals. It’s not a street drug and it’s being demonized by the defense. They are counting on ignorance to push a false narrative.

I have some of the best doctors in New England. I worked in medicine for twenty years in critical care, emergency medicine, and cardiology. I was also a first responder supporting my town, in other words, I was 911. I worked in ICU/CCU for five years. Patients can not consciously control their limbs while we have them sedated and intubated. There are thousands of neuropathic highways large and small mostly uncontrollable by the human mind. You can not will yourself to have purple skin or red and white blotches. The fact that those types of commentary are even allowed to be introduced as so called “fact” is grotesque.

Florida becomes more bizarre and twisted by the month. Whatever they have down there can we wall them off from the rest of the world?