The Insurance Collection – Acrylic Paintings by Jenn

My artwork really took on a new look when I was diagnosis with Tamoxifen Retinopathy. A very rare occurrence the Tamoxifen that was suppose to prevent a third round with cancer became a poison in my body. It exacerbated my hearing loss giving me a never ending case of tinnitus. Sometimes the tones in my hearing aids help and sometimes distraction is the only thing that can decrease the sound and increase my field of vision, inward.

I can only say that in the moment the painting is already done. I’m just moving along with color to make it visible to the rest of the world. The hole in the middle of my right eye can make things look like a coke bottle. My left eye does a good job of compensating but it all adds up to an incredible change as to how my senses work when interpreting the world often arriving with a side of nausea only quelled by sublingual Zofran.

I’ve been in a battle for my life for over a year now. United Healthcare Medicare (Dis)Advantage locks me out of care. Creates nightmares I have to endure. Makes me beg for treatments. Devalues my life to less than human. It’s horrific to feel so unwanted. It’s devastating to look into someone’s eyes and find no empathy, just a facade playing a part in a game that they end up winning every time. Denials and delays in care kill people. That raw truth is lost on the executives or they know it and don’t care. What a horrible reality, are they grotesquely greedy or psychotic?

United Healthcare has chosen this horrible road. When I asked them to approve my treatments they said YES, only to cruelty pull a bait and switch refusing to pay the bill. I had to make them by asking my United States Senators to intervene, how horrible. The alternative would leave me no choice but to pay cash upfront or sign my DNR. Without treatments there are no other choices.

It’s found it’s way onto my canvas, the pain. It’s poured blood and sweat into paint and desperation at times evoking full on panic attacks. The fragility of my own life smacking me across the face.

I hope you enjoy the ever growing “Insurance Collection” inspired by the nightmares of dealing with them.

“The Insurance Agent”

The Claims Denial Queen

“Exhausted Sadness”

“I’m From Communications, I’m Here To Help” The Insurance Collection #4