Self Respect and Responsibility Reflection

Had an incredibly cleansing moment. Felt good to hold a mirror to a Liar especially when you catch them in their own lies. Screen shots are priceless, friends who send them golden. A true friend looks out for you when your not looking. A Liar makes excuses when faced with evidence. Also not trustworthy. Don’t […]

Welcome !

Welcome and Thank You for wanting to come along this journey with me. I’m Jenny or Jenn, and I am a 2x Cancer Survivor. I had Cervical Cancer in 2005 and then Breast Cancer in 2013. I traveled a road I never wanted to visit, one full of pure terror and destruction. Everything that could […]

New Doc, New Meds, New Treatments, New Hope

The last couple of months have basically been bed rest on top of rest. I did get out of the house a couple of times for something other than “medical”. It can get strange when going out is attached to this md or that one, a treatment, a port flush, more tests, so on and […]


Looking back on the last three years of my life, I find a perspective that leaves me in shock and in away leaving a feeling of stupidity. It is not stupidity; it falls into a sentence said to me by a provider after the diagnosis of cancer. The impact it had was and is immense. […]

The Alchemy of Acceptance: Steve Taylor author

Emptiness can be a bleak vacuum cold and hostile, dark with danger; Or emptiness can be a radiant spaciousness warm and welcoming, soft with stillness – and the only difference between them is acceptance. Any task can seem tedious a chore to rush through as quickly as you can; Or any task may seem rewarding […]

Who am I?

Being stuck in bed for weeks, and going on a month of not leaving the safety of serenity, my home. A lot can go right and a lot can go wrong. I like to listen to a show called “All Natural Being” the host Brian Brawdy and I found an easy connection, a fast friendship, […]


I have been awake since 4am, stinks when you can’t stay asleep. Sometimes the pressures get to be a little to much. That is when it is time to recap. To sort out the details and try if possible to make sense of it all. I have been told that and it is bullshit. Nothing […]

Memories of Mom, Prince, and News

Sitting here listening to Prince, “the most beautiful girl in the world,” and thinking about my Mom. Today is a sad day, having found out that Prince has passed away. Out of that comes good memories and one that is fun to share with you. Today also marked another moment of pride for me as […]

The Battles Continues

The battles continues in my body, head and heart. So many things in such a small amount of time, enough to make your head spin. Oncology has taken me off tamoxifen for two weeks; the idea is a reboot. If we let my body reset and then restart, perhaps the side effects will decrease. It […]

Well back to square one

The good news I finally ate, since Tuesday, I haven’t been able too. Not long ago I tried some soup, and it stayed down, so I will try toast next time I feel like I can eat. The bad news it isn’t sitting nice, and I still can’t sleep. Urgh, so I did some classwork. […]