Video blog number 11 ketamine treatment number 8 of the loading doses

In my journey to find treatments and hopefully someday a cure for complex regional pain syndrome type 2 and post-mastectomy pain syndrome I am now doing what’s considered experimental treatment with ketamine infusions blogging through the loading doses helping others I hope by sharing information with one another in the desperate search to reduce our […]

Video blog #10 Ketamine Infusion #7 #CRPS #PMPS

Dealing with breast cancer is never easy adding a tram flap reconstruction that didn’t quite go so well causing post-mastectomy pain syndrome and subsequently developing complex regional pain syndrome type 2 is never an easy road. I offer this to anyone else out there who’s suffering and looking for what it’s like to actually go […]

Ketamine infusion number 6 blog post video number 9. #CRPS #PMPS

Now over the halfway marker of the loading doses for ketamine infusions and treatment of RSD CRPS and post-mastectomy pain syndrome all is a result of breast cancer. continuing the journey to try and stay off for aggression of the disease increase quality of life and increase longevity with quality care and good cold mobility […]

Ketamine infusion number 5 video blog number 8 #CRPS #pmps

Ketamine infusion treatment for chronic pain, complex regional pain syndrome, post-mastectomy pain syndrome, tram flap reconstruction pain and spasms. So far the treatments are starting to show some improvement there is hope that the pain will decrease in quality of life will increase I will be continuing to video blog the next five infusion treatments […]

Video blog post about ketamine treatments for CRPS TYPE 2 AND PMPS

Video blog number 8. day 4 of 10 of ketamine infusion treatments for complex regional pain syndrome and reflex sympathetic dystrophy also a benefit for post-mastectomy pain syndrome and lymphedema pain noted in the after effects of today’s treatment. there was less nausea which was a great change and that had to do with not […]

Video blog#7 #CRPS #PMPS Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Day three of four treatments with ketamine infusions to treat complex regional pain syndrome and post-mastectomy pain syndrome with rare tram flap complications and spasmodic activity of the diaphragm.

Video blog #6 Ketamine Infusions Day 2 #CRPS #PMPS

Day two of ketamine, versaid, blood pressure medication and others as needed to treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2 (RSD/CRPS) and Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome (PMPS) with rare complications from Tram Flap Reconstruction. Using a power port imbedded in the right chest, repeated needle sticks are avoided and that helps to avoid further spreading […]

Video Blog #5 Ist Infusion of Ketamine Day 1 of 10

Ketamine treatment infusion day 1 of 10 for complex regional pain syndrome type 2 and post-mastectomy pain syndrome with rare complications due to tram flap surgery injuries. having no other treatments left available and blocks being too dangerous to caused increase spreading we are left with this last choice to try and slow down the […]

Video Blog #3 11/2/18 #CRPS #PMPS

Living life with CRPS and PMPS. taking care of ourselves is not just our physical well-being but our spiritual as well. To learn more about CRPS visit RSDS.Org also known as complex regional pain syndrome or its former name reflex sympathetic dystrophy. For more information on post-mastectomy pain syndrome, PMPS, visit