Insurers like UnitedHealth and Humana have a history of putting profits ahead of patients. Now, they’re taking over Medicare and walking away with billions in taxpayer dollars. A groundbreaking new report from Physicians for a National Health Program ( shows us the consequences: Corporate health insurers are harming millions of American seniors.

“Like a lot of people, I thought Medicare Advantage was cheaper, and it’s supposed to cover everything Medicare covers, right? That’s the way it’s supposed to work. I made the mistake of choosing a UnitedHealth MA plan, and it was about a year later I realized what kind of hell I was in when I ended up inpatient. I was looking at $300+ dollars a night bills for being inpatient. And because of my health issues, I was ending up in the hospital nearly every six weeks, staying for a few days to a week and then coming out with these monstrous bills. As long as you’re not sick, Medicare Advantage is great – you’re spending less money! But when you do get sick, the co-pays, the co-insurance, out of pocket costs, they grow so fast, and you never hit the deductible.” – MA patient, New Hampshire (Jenn Coffey)

Patients who sign up for Medicare Advantage are forced to deal with narrow networks which heavily restrict their access to physicians and hospitals, and are often misled about the size of these networks through inaccurate listings. They must seek prior authorization for many of the tests, treatments, and other procedures ordered by their doctor, often waiting days or weeks just to be inappropriately denied approval for necessary health care. These delays can have serious consequences for a patient’s health, even sometimes resulting in death.

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