It Is Not OK

Even me, even me in the beginning when all the candidates came out thought why not a businessman, tired of politicians. Fooled at first; Trump is worse than a politician, he is a politician with an overwhelming need always to be right, and attack anyone who disagrees. How will anything productive be done and what […]

Not Sick, Just Broken

Why do YOU have a port? You look fantastic; YOU must be better. You don’t LOOK sick. Why do you have handicap plates, I SEE you walk. It’s not like you still have active cancer or something, rolls their eyes into the back of their head. Moving on from the “drama queen”. I had cancer […]

Three Years Ago

Three years ago today, I became a survivor. Three years ago today, I walked into a doctor’s office and heard, you have invasive breast cancer. Three years ago today my life ended in a moment as I knew it. Three years ago today everything change and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Three years […]

Self Respect and Responsibility Reflection

Had an incredibly cleansing moment. Felt good to hold a mirror to a Liar especially when you catch them in their own lies. Screen shots are priceless, friends who send them golden. A true friend looks out for you when your not looking. A Liar makes excuses when faced with evidence. Also not trustworthy. Don’t […]

Welcome !

Welcome and Thank You for wanting to come along this journey with me. I’m Jenny or Jenn, and I am a 2x Cancer Survivor. I had Cervical Cancer in 2005 and then Breast Cancer in 2013. I traveled a road I never wanted to visit, one full of pure terror and destruction. Everything that could […]

New Doc, New Meds, New Treatments, New Hope

The last couple of months have basically been bed rest on top of rest. I did get out of the house a couple of times for something other than “medical”. It can get strange when going out is attached to this md or that one, a treatment, a port flush, more tests, so on and […]


Looking back on the last three years of my life, I find a perspective that leaves me in shock and in away leaving a feeling of stupidity. It is not stupidity; it falls into a sentence said to me by a provider after the diagnosis of cancer. The impact it had was and is immense. […]

The Alchemy of Acceptance: Steve Taylor author

Emptiness can be a bleak vacuum cold and hostile, dark with danger; Or emptiness can be a radiant spaciousness warm and welcoming, soft with stillness – and the only difference between them is acceptance. Any task can seem tedious a chore to rush through as quickly as you can; Or any task may seem rewarding […]

Who am I?

Being stuck in bed for weeks, and going on a month of not leaving the safety of serenity, my home. A lot can go right and a lot can go wrong. I like to listen to a show called “All Natural Being” the host Brian Brawdy and I found an easy connection, a fast friendship, […]


I have been awake since 4am, stinks when you can’t stay asleep. Sometimes the pressures get to be a little to much. That is when it is time to recap. To sort out the details and try if possible to make sense of it all. I have been told that and it is bullshit. Nothing […]