Video Blog #3 11/2/18 #CRPS #PMPS

Living life with CRPS and PMPS. taking care of ourselves is not just our physical well-being but our spiritual as well. To learn more about CRPS visit RSDS.Org also known as complex regional pain syndrome or its former name reflex sympathetic dystrophy. For more information on post-mastectomy pain syndrome, PMPS, visit

November 2018 RSD/CRPS Awareness ~final thoughts

You don’t die from the pain, you die from the damage the disease does to your body. The nervous, lymphatic, immune, and every organ are in the path of this progressive incurable disease. From the worst pain known to modern medicine, to muscle atrophy and organ failure, this disease doesn’t discriminate. It does care about […]

Update on Treatment November 2018

Hi guys! Thank you so much for your love and support, please keep me in your prayers. We are going to move forward with the loading doses of the infusion treatment! I have borrowed a lot of money, from someone that knows I always pay my debts and along with what has been raised to […]

Thoughts on G-d While waiting ~ #cancer #rsd #crps

Sometimes people meaning well will say things that in theology are not true. G-d did not give me cancer, or bad genetics, nature and the environment did that. The doctors will do all they can to care for me no matter what the outcome, but what does G-d do? I use to have that feeling […]

The Conversation in My Head

The conversation in my head I’ve had my cry I WANT TO SCREAM I carry myself as a lady WHY WHY WHY, AGAIN I hide the pain oh so well FOR WHAT TO PLEASE THE FUCKING WORLD I smile and greet the day in silence MY INSIDES ARE BURNING ME APART! Thank you for your […]


My son tells me all the time to be selfish and stop worrying about others who don’t worry about me. He’s right, I’m at a crossroads. I’m sure the brain is racing with my cancer scan tomorrow morning. My LAST LAST damn it LAST appointment with oncology! Twice I have had cancer, I don’t want […]

A New Year 5779, A New Life

Connecting back to my roots has been one of the most grounding experiences I have had. That’s saying something when your someone that deals with conditions not only rare but incurable, most of the time we feel more like we are floating without a tether than connected to the world in anyway. “We” being those […]