Medical Update

Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and prayers over the past few weeks. I am a medical enigma. Here is the long update oy friggin vey. The docs don’t know why I am extremely distended in my abdomen, by 11 inches around. My left chest and under the arm is also swollen. My chest […]

“The Patient”

I see you running room to room, blood pressure machine on wheels in tow, thermometer tucked in your pocket. You ask the standard questions as you scribble down vital signs on sticky yellow paper. My eyes search for yours, wondering if you see me. Your boss comes in with their white coat and stands so […]

Health Care Access Denied

Recently and I mean on election day, I went to a Medicare specialist to sign up during open enrollment for insurance. I wanted to pay double what I was to get a better policy. I was denied access to the only two plans less than 900 a month in premiums. I was denied because sometimes […]

Taking a Chance

Recently a friend “tagged” me and others in the post they published about domestic abuse and the abused. Each walks their path, and like them, I have come to the point after decades of being able to be public. They said: “Reading the comments on some recent domestic abuse stories, I’m reminded of how difficult […]

Can I Ask You For A Favor?

In April 2015 after many consults, three surgeries, many medications, near miss life threats, and painful nerve blocks my Son and some of his “brothers” saw me have one too many spasms. I wish like hell they never saw it. I cry at the thought of the tears and terror in their eyes, in my […]

Right now, let me be that Voice

Sometimes we are on the verge of blossoming into a thousand flowers. But we don’t. We are waiting. We are thinking, ”Maybe tomorrow. I’m quite busy right now doing the same unsatisfying things I have been doing for years. Yep, pretty busy.” Or maybe we are afraid of what will happen if we open up. […]

It Is Not OK

Even me, even me in the beginning when all the candidates came out thought why not a businessman, tired of politicians. Fooled at first; Trump is worse than a politician, he is a politician with an overwhelming need always to be right, and attack anyone who disagrees. How will anything productive be done and what […]

Not Sick, Just Broken

Why do YOU have a port? You look fantastic; YOU must be better. You don’t LOOK sick. Why do you have handicap plates, I SEE you walk. It’s not like you still have active cancer or something, rolls their eyes into the back of their head. Moving on from the “drama queen”. I had cancer […]

Three Years Ago

Three years ago today, I became a survivor. Three years ago today, I walked into a doctor’s office and heard, you have invasive breast cancer. Three years ago today my life ended in a moment as I knew it. Three years ago today everything change and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Three years […]