Honor and Tradition

I am going to try to explain something and I hope it helps some stop hurting others, often without even realizing it. I just can not say nothing and see people around me I love hurt or being hurt myself by unkind comments from those that never learned or where shown the traditions that have […]


Lighten up and enjoy the moment, nothing is worth more than getting all you can out of what time we have on this rock. Really it goes quickly. For me, it’s time to slow it down and smell the salt air, taste the breeze across a lake. sit on the deck and just listen to […]

Silver Linings Update with a :-)

Despite the physically broken parts for the first time since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I have seen a reduction in doc visits and medications. I have had provider after provider that didn’t even know what PMPS was never mind how to treat it. Providers who have never been faced with a patient with […]

Hypervigilance and Domestic Abuse

A common finding in a domestic abuse situation is hypervigilance. It’s called fight or flight and is a chemical reaction in your body to stimuli that puts the person in a state of massive fear, like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. You get stuck there till you believe your risk of harm […]

Stop Domestic Abuse

The hardest part when I broke the silence of the domestic abuse that had been going on for over eight years, the people I thought would be there to help me through, ran for the hills while calling me a bitch, some even blamed me for the abuse that happened others accused my son and […]

Count Your Blessings?

People often say “count your blessings” but how many of us actually do that? Well today I am going too, how about you? I am blessed to have found my twin flame in Matt, he spoils me in ways that money can’t buy. He treats me as a lady and loves me so I feel […]

Latest and Greatest

After the last admission on January 17th, a lot has occurred. Thankfully I get to say, some in my favor. The news is mixed and full of silver linings from my perspective. Dr. Condon is amazing, and I am so grateful to have him caring for me now. He has gotten the pain under control […]

Breast Cancer, Family, and Friends, the truth about loss.

A survivor in one of my groups had posted one of the statements below, the remarks were astounding. I had my past now dead and buried, however; we have sadly found we have to keep revisiting it. We do so not to revisit the hurt but to draw from it the words to help the […]

Live Our Lives

Sometimes, we need to get the stink of life off of us. We spend our days dutifully fulfilling whatever tasks expected of us. We’re trained to note the time and date of every moment of every day. Floating through life almost seamlessly and often somewhat empty. We all face good and bad days; it is […]