Birth There are secret places within me. Hiding the awful truth of my existence. Dark halls and whispers follow me all of my life. Duck and cover, don’t get hit. Hide beneath the dirt pit. Glared at by daggers pushing away. My very existence is a plague. How awful one birth can be. ~JC

Born Wrong, One Women’s Journey (book 2) An excerpt #2:

Born Wrong, One Women’s Journey (book 2) An excerpt #2: “Back to reality, “God must hate you.” the jerk continues lowering my head filling it full of fowl faces and cruel words. It’s as if the jerk stands as a barrier outside of the darkness. The darkness that began on the day of birth. God […]

The Chronic Pain Treatment That’s Changing My Life

I decided to try LDN, Low Dose Naltrexone, and it’s changing my life Published “The Mighty” December 2022 This year has been a hard one. The pain had been hard to control. The neurological symptoms that come with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), the “suicide disease,” are vicious in nature. In addition, my skin punch […]

One Women’s Journey (book 2)

Born Wrong One Women’s Journey (book 2) An excerpt: “To say my childhood was unorthodox would be putting it mildly. My relations and I wrote a book on the dysfunction that started long before I was born. One relative was always “after” the other. Pointing out each other’s failings, and being supportive was not in […]

September 2022 in “The Mighty”- The Jerk and the Badass

(View this article on The Mighty here.) I’ve come to realize that there are two versions of me. Not literally, but metaphorically. The angel and demon on the shoulder that we often see in movies and cartoons, kind of do “exist.” They run circles in my mind. At times it feels like they are boxing […]

June 2022 Article in “The Mighty” – The Reality of Chronic Pain Care

(View this article on The Mighty here.) You might hear me on the radio, maybe saying too much or sounding emotional about my medical care. About having illnesses with no known cures, which never get better, but do get worse. Knowing each loss of physical ability is never going to come back, unless or until […]

The Gender Divide in Anger – Blog 5 – 2022

When a man is angry about a perceived injustice, it is said that he is “righteous.” When a woman is similarly angry, it is said that she is “crazy” or “emotional.” Doubting someone’s sanity and denying them their voice, angry or not, is a level of abuse which I am not willing to accept in […]