I entered the Rare Artist Contest. Submissions closed today.
“It’s Complicated” Acrylic on Stretch Canvas

Artist Statement:

“It’s Complicated” being rare. On the surface, I “appear” fine. There have been those who say, “You don’t look sick.” Hidden among the flowers are the vibrations and electrocution sensations that have plagued me now for a decade. There’s poison in there that has burnt a hole in my eye distorting the view everything is askew.

Yet, I must draw attention. Most of the world doesn’t know I exist not to mention there is more than one of me. The rare disease is the illness that is so horrific they call it the “Suicide Disease.” So madding the mess with so many moving parts that have to fit together in some distorted way to allow movement however distorted it may appear.

Yet, there is beauty. Colors and shapes that are soft and warm. Perhaps, even a soft flow of colors inviting you in. I used to not be on guard until my body broke with the switch left “on” Somewhere under there is the essence of me. The former first responder is now in need of responders, humbled by this new station in life. Resolute to fight for every moment of life every chance to save just one more.

rareartist.org “The Rare Artist Program was established in 2010 to exhibit the unique gifts of individuals impacted by rare disease to tell their story through art. Now in year 13, the Rare Artist Annual Contest is focused on providing a national platform for artists to advocate through visual artwork and poetry, along with accompanying artist statements. Rare Artist finalists participate in individualized artist-to-advocate coaching to strengthen their advocacy voice. Rare Artist awardees are presented with checks and invited to speak during Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Their artwork is showcased throughout the year at various patient and biopharmaceutical conferences, displayed at the Rare Hub, social media, and website posts.”