2013 Blade Magazine Awards Banquet Keynote Address by Hon. Jenn Coffey

Thank you Blade Magazine for inviting me to speak it was my honor, and special thanks to Blade HQ for the video.


WGIR Jack Heath Jenn & Jenn Segment 6-5-13
This week Jack Heath presents the Jenn and Jenn Segment featuring Jennifer Morris Wells and I….we discuss the Blade Show, TSA, Living Ready Expo, AKTI, Ft. Constitution Arms Collectors, Pro-Gun NH, Personal Safety Classes, and counterfeit Knives. On WGIR News Radio 910 and 96.7


Jenn & Jenn Segment 5/22/13
Jenn Wells and I join Jack Heath to discuss how Conservative Women are treated in the Media verses Liberal Women


What if all of those who stand for liberty, did it together?


WMUR Close-Up April 2013

Debate on repeal of Stand your ground between Rep. Shurtleff the sponsor and Hon. Jenn Coffey, then-National Director of Legislative Affairs for the Second Amendment Sisters

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We apologize for the video quality, However the message is more important.


HB 135 Testimony The Bill to repeal Stand your Ground

Jenn Coffey of NH Warns Internet Sales Tax Could Put Her Out of Business

NO UBC – www.noubc.com

Girls with Guns
Jenn Coffey blasts VP Biden & defends the rights of female gun ownership


The Constitution Ride Across America 2010
Representative Coffey speaks at The Constitution Ride Across America 2010 event in Concord, NH.


Representative Coffey Speaks at the 2nd Amendment Rally in Concord, NH


2010 Liberty Forum
Representative Coffey speaks about moving to New Hampshire, becoming a state rep and her bill to restore knife rights to the citizens of New Hampshire at the 2010 Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH.


The above is 1 of 6. Please find the others on YouTube. (Channel of HankReardonSteel)

Speech at Faneuil Hall – Boston

Representative Coffey speaks at this Committees of Safety event in Faneuil Hall in Boston 12-12-09.
Committees of Safety is a non-partisan, grass-roots advocacy organization active throughout the 50 United States. Its purpose is to exercise the freedoms of speech, association, and petition
guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, in order to educate Americans about, and mobilize them for political action around, the fundamental principles of liberty and self-government set out in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

The above is one of 4 parts. Please find the others on YouTube (Channel of unk4Q2)