September 2022 in “The Mighty”- The Jerk and the Badass

Tweet (View this article on The Mighty here.) I’ve come to realize that there are two versions of me. Not literally, but metaphorically. The angel and demon on the shoulder that we often see in movies and cartoons, kind of do “exist.” They run circles in my mind. At times it feels like they are […]

June 2022 Article in “The Mighty” – The Reality of Chronic Pain Care

Tweet(View this article on The Mighty here.) You might hear me on the radio, maybe saying too much or sounding emotional about my medical care. About having illnesses with no known cures, which never get better, but do get worse. Knowing each loss of physical ability is never going to come back, unless or until […]

The Gender Divide in Anger – Blog 5 – 2022

Tweet When a man is angry about a perceived injustice, it is said that he is “righteous.” When a woman is similarly angry, it is said that she is “crazy” or “emotional.” Doubting someone’s sanity and denying them their voice, angry or not, is a level of abuse which I am not willing to accept […]

Glorious and Gory ~ Blog 4 – 2022

TweetFires don’t stop as the flesh falls away. Nothing left but burnt chards not moving. Nothing just bone and yet still fighting. Never stopping and not ever giving up. Never again will the words and thoughts of others be what defines. Finding that definition within and only to be written but in the heart. No […]

Holy shit! This treatment go around is kicking my ass. Blog 3 – 2022

TweetI’m having a steroid flush, burning, sweating, hot nausea ugh. Might last one day might last a few. Guess I have to wait and see how much more of an asshole my body feels like being. Today’s course was comprised of a left lumbar spinal steroid infusion under fluoroscope to L4, L5, and S1. That […]

Badass Balls (and a few tidbits) Blog 2 – 2022

Tweet I love these! It’s almost like getting to eat “healthy” fudge. At least to me, lol. The great thing about these is they are healthy, heart-healthy, filling, and a great energy boost. The badass energy balls make a good grab-and-go snack. I come across so many recipes for these. I took my favorite ones […]