To my friends whom I love so very much, an open letter.

TweetI am sick and I am not going to get better, I am sorry. It’s really okay and I am sorry to disappoint you in that I did not fully ‘beat” cancer. It’s funny that we spend so much time worrying about a reoccurrence, that we fail to realize what else it can cause to […]

RSD/CRPS Changes You

TweetIt does change your life, no one gets anything easy with RSD/CRPS. At one point I was stuttering a lot and certainly didn’t sound like an educated person. I was a workaholic too. EMS was my baby both volunteer and paid. I had no less than three jobs most of my life. When I got […]


TweetI have been in a flare for a few days now, even having to use the emergency medications kit and oxygen. One would think struggling to use the walker after having some weeks of being able to walk with a cane, depressing. So why the heck am I so happy laying here in bed with […]

My life with RSD/CRPS A Flare

TweetNow about three weeks out from infusion, it appears to have worn off or the plate is to great. Makes breathing an issue. Hope for a cure #RSD #CRPS


TweetAge of four world should be galore sky is dark hands are free good G-d help me ~JRC -19

Saving one life

TweetDr Richardson at Concord Hospital, Dr. Flannagen and Medic/RN Kevin Drew, from Catholic Medical Center , Dr. Jorgensen and his nurse Kate RN, at Seacoast Pain Institute I believe saved my life. I was ready to end treatments prior to the infusions, after two rounds of cancer, dangerous spinal surgery with a displaced spinal cord, […]

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Can Take

TweetRSD may take my walk but it will not take my talk. I will be vocal I will be bold. I will never give in and i am never too old. RSD may take my hair but I don’t care. I will keep my head up high. Hair is nothing between you and I. I […]

Video blog #13 ketamine infusion first two weeks / 2wk infusions #CRPS #pmps

Tweethaving now completed the first two weeks of daily infusions and a follow-up infusion after 2 weeks of rest I can now give you a report on how I am feeling and how the infusion went this completes my trial. Of the ketamine infusion experimental treatment. I will now start monthly treatments in 4 weeks […]

Video blog# 12 Ketamine Infusion#9 #CRPS #PMPS

TweetInfusion number 9 of 10 for the loading dose treatment of complex regional pain syndrome also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy and post-mastectomy pain syndrome. loading doses consists of 10 infusions that take place over a course of two weeks. Over the first few days the dose is slowly raised then there will be two […]