There comes a time for some of us when we come to realizations. They are hard, sometimes we try to avoid them. Most do avoid or deflect away from having to face the mirror. When I say “we” I mean cancer Survivors. The “mirror” is reality. The reality is there are people that can’t hang […]

For my Mom

For: Melissa Lesogor, my Mom and Breast Cancer Survivor x2, like you said the world thinks it ends when they take it out. They don’t see the rest that you and I live with, maybe this helps a little like you said. Love You Mom

Marking the Day

Today at at press conference the Free State Project announced the move has been triggered. Over 20,000 have signed the intent, and about 2k have already moved. It is a closure in some way. The work done to this point is to find liberty activist who want to sign. The whole focus and times will […]

Moment by Moment

I say it all the time, but I don’t think everyone really gets what I mean by it. I know my friends that are survivors do. We have faced our own mortality, up close and personal. We live moment by moment. We know how to hide it all, the one thing that women get over […]

January 22, 2016

I started working on putting the next book together. It is going to be so different than what I thought I was going to write. I had to stop reading fairly early in, the pain it raised in me was to much. The memories vary, some make me sad, others angry, but the odd ones […]

A new year and a good start…

Welcome to 2016 a whole new start on a new year of unknowns. I get to start the new year having seen my gy doc who treats the endometriosis and adnomiosis. We have put surgery as a last resort, thanks to my genetic panel being negative across the board! Not even one uncertain, what a […]


A friend asked people to list the things they have done for liberty. I tried to and realized I have gotten a lot done in a few short years, but it was always in me. What we leave this world with is our legacy. What impact did we have and does any of it last? […]

Doing it … Again

I am sitting here thinking a mass of thoughts. To many changes at once has overloaded my ability to organize it. So I have chosen to step back. It was a wise choice, and has afforded me time to my studies and to self. The neurosurgeon was a no go, and the last thing I […]

Just Another Day

Facts be known, I hate holidays and “special days” cruel names that hide their lies. I fear them as they approach, and what they might bring. Nightmares come and go, sometimes so real it’s confusing when you wake up, that moment of uncertainty, and then I breathe that day is over. I can’t remember the […]


There comes a time when it is enough enough of the daily rituals the endless disappointments limitations the end of the rope tired of hanging on it’s time to take a leap back to the surgeons push for any alternatives find the end feet firmly on the ground off the rope and back into the […]