Tick Tock Tick Tock

Black is white up is down friend is foe trust is fake moment to moment tick tock tick tock time runs out you can’t slow it you can’t do over you can’t undue isn’t it true?

Well it was planned well, sort of …

You know what they say, the best-laid plans, well not in my favor right now but it will get there. I had an important block done last Friday. The muscle was worse than we had seen it before and very much is causing the shortness of breath. I am supposed to be “resting” which for […]

Catching up ~ Changing My thinking

Oh boy, where to begin, well first off, after all, is said and done with multiple tests, I am OK! There is nothing new to worry about, which is a high relief. It is hard at times when I have friends who don’t get the good news; it triggers survivor’s guilt off and on, it […]

I Have Learned

I feel hunger but can’t get anything down. I try to negotiate with my mind on the what if. I talk to myself saying don’t worry till there is a reason. I have survived cancer twice. I have risen to heights never imagined. I have pushed through terror and fear. I have learned to allow […]

Another round of the unknown

People, in general, make the mistake of believing there is such a thing as “cancer free”; that is a false statement of comfort. When we go to our docs for check ups, they report NED “No Evidence Detected” into our charts. My doc told me once, “Can I promise you a cancer cell didn’t hitchhike […]


After a month of phone calls and crazy hold times, finally we have approval for care, sort of. They didn’t approve a lot so we will have to do this again, maybe now it will be smoother. The bad news now everything is in March. Block treatment, port flush, oncology check up, surgical check up, […]

Wondering through cyberspace

Well still waiting for the insurance company to send the approval, I believe it is coming via pony express. After all, we have heard of the issue with the postal service, so it makes sense to go back to horses, oy. It’s a pain in the ass this new insurance. can’t see anyone except my […]


There comes a time for some of us when we come to realizations. They are hard, sometimes we try to avoid them. Most do avoid or deflect away from having to face the mirror. When I say “we” I mean cancer Survivors. The “mirror” is reality. The reality is there are people that can’t hang […]

For my Mom

For: Melissa Lesogor, my Mom and Breast Cancer Survivor x2, like you said the world thinks it ends when they take it out. They don’t see the rest that you and I live with, maybe this helps a little like you said. Love You Mom

Marking the Day

Today at at press conference the Free State Project announced the move has been triggered. Over 20,000 have signed the intent, and about 2k have already moved. It is a closure in some way. The work done to this point is to find liberty activist who want to sign. The whole focus and times will […]