Day two of ketamine, versaid, blood pressure medication and others as needed to treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2 (RSD/CRPS) and Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome (PMPS) with rare complications from Tram Flap Reconstruction. Using a power port imbedded in the right chest, repeated needle sticks are avoided and that helps to avoid further spreading of the disease.

In doing this treatment we hope to achieve control and slow down the spread of CRPS, reduce pain and suffering, reduce involuntary muscle spasms and spasms of the intestines among other not so fun affects of having this disease.

I hope anyone who sees this diary can draw from it help and maybe comfort in choosing a difficult path for treatment. If I can leave you with one piece from today, it is a very good idea to have someone you trust with you. I did become scared and having someone there to comfort me along with the nurse, who know me, made a difference in calming and making me feel safe. When your not someone who likes to drink, or likes to feel “out of control” this is a difficult path, but anything we can do to increase quality of life and life expediency is worth it.