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most-recent-profile-2016-on-facebookSometimes, we need to get the stink of life off of us. We spend our days dutifully fulfilling whatever tasks expected of us. We’re trained to note the time and date of every moment of every day. Floating through life almost seamlessly and often somewhat empty.

We all face good and bad days; it is when there are too many bad days we can run into trouble. The hardest thing in the world I think for many of us is to admit when we can’t do it alone. Whatever “it” doesn’t matter. There are moments when we as humans naturally fall. We crumble up in our homes, our offices, or dark face pressed into a smartphone. Avoiding each others’ gaze even though you see the same people over and over day after day, it becomes rote.

We lose sight of what we should value over what we are expected to value. Go to school, get a degree, get a job, buy a house, kids, retire, die. Sounds pretty shitty, doesn’t it? Here the first point and it has to stop. A bad thing we all do to ourselves is negative self-talk. We become self-defeating when we put on a coat and hang a sandwich sign over us that says, “I do what I must, wash, rinse, and repeat.”

When you were a kid, didn’t you and your friends often imagine a strange world? I can remember building “forts” in my aunt and uncles playroom. We had seat cushions off the couch that were rocks. They were safe, fall of a rock and your all wet in the “water.” I remember reading V.C. Andrews and how excited I would be when my parents surprised me with a new book. Sitting with the sun beating on my face and drifting off into the story she weaved, the twists and turns we became addicts of tails. Book series after series, she grabbed the attention of the young in my time, wow that sounds so old. She took us to journeys and excited our minds to paint a picture of the story in our minds. Sometimes they would come to us in dreams, as we took on the role of a character and became the champion of the family in our sleep.

We started “adulting, ” and we forgot that kid. You know you still have it you just have to make the leap to understanding,” I matter.” You have to be willing to sing along to a song, who cares if your voice is “good” or “bad.” We need to joke in public with friends and family, laugh, be silly, take a lot of pictures, and live. We have all forgotten to live.

We spend so much time worrying about life; we forget to live our lives.

Our country is at a changing point, and it is vital to remember who we are as individuals. We can shape the future, and change negative patterns into positive lives. We have to accept all of ourselves, faults and all and know that we and those around us are the same in that way.

Human beings want to “belong” for the most part. There are some that prefer to be loners. The majority want acceptance for who they are; it is that simple. The key to that first belongs to yourself. Allowing yourself to feel and express yourself. Stop telling that little voice inside that wants to kid around to be quite and let it out. Stop going through life so serious you miss all the amazing things that go on around you every day.

We lose the child laughing in the store at the silly bear who talks when you press his tummy. The snow covered branches of trees with sunlight bouncing from branch to branch making the sunlight brighter. In a way, warmer. Not in temperature but in feeling. In what we feel when we stop and only, breathe. Taking time out of ourselves makes us better parents, friends, partners, co-workers, and the list goes on and on. Everyone you come in contact with you choose how that will go.

You can opt to keep your face pressed into your phone, avoid eye contact, and not make a sound. Or, you can decide to look at them and smile, share warmth and pass on joy to another person. Start the chain and the law of attraction will do the rest. It is in the doing that we become better as individuals and as a people.

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