Medical Update

394Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and prayers over the past few weeks. I am a medical enigma. Here is the long update oy friggin vey.

The docs don’t know why I am extremely distended in my abdomen, by 11 inches around. My left chest and under the arm is also swollen. My chest and abdominal cavity muscles are all in spasm and extremely tight, which is making the endometriosis out of control. To the point that my body kicked a needle out of my abdomen by muscle spasm and grabbed hold of another needle, making the provider “yank” it out. 16 needle sticks later, and my docs are stumped.

I have had lab work twice, X-rays, and examined by Primary, GYN, and one of CH ER Docs who I personally think the world of, shout out to Dr. Rix!

They have done bilateral rectus sheath blocks and trigger point nerve blocks. I have no weight gain and none of it feels like fluid. There are no signs of truncal lymphedema, I am keeping low key as instructed. In the past 6 weeks, we have had 3 hospital visits, one by ambulance with a heart rate around 150ish, and one admission for 4 days when my PCP held me in the office for a direct admit. If I do too much my heart rate gets to high, so not doing much. Had appointments Monday and dodged ending up in the ER just barely, my heart rate was 146 at the appointment. Doing too much for me, means not going out. Living room or bedroom living life semi-fowler.

I have been over exposed to radiation, so we are holding on further imaging for two weeks. Not sure if I glow in the dark yet, lol. We know I don’t appear to have anything life threating. It is hard to move about at times and the pain is, well, under as much control as possible.

If we don’t see improvement then we will do an ultrasound and possible other images. I am thankful I have an awesome doc. The working theory at the moment is because there were 3 major spasms outside of the normal ones I am use too and can break at home with meds and oxygen, I maybe just extremely bruised up. That the muscles have not been able to heal before another spasm caused more damage. Muscle damage takes about 4-8 weeks or so to heal. I have damage on top of damage, so I can’t fully heal.

The best outcome is muscle damage. The treatment is basically rest, compression at times, and alternating heat and ice. There is not really any medications that will help this, unfortunately. They gave me a nice healthy dose of Toradol to try to bring down inflammation and decrease discomfort. It was a break from the pain, not a cure, just wish it lasted longer than a day.

My primary is a teaching doc and I have had him for nearly a decade. For him to be stumped is something. This is a doctor that reads every medical study I bring him in search of better treatment for my PMPS and Tram damage. He is reviewing a study from Scotland right now and some others that where on the NIH database.

So please send me good vibes, juju, stirring, candle lite, positive wishes, energy, thoughts, prayers, crossed finger and knock on some wood, much appreciated.
~ Namaste

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